Mail in voting

  • Hour 3 of 4-29-20
  • Hans von Spakovsky reports on mail-in ballots. He talks to Drew Mariani about the potential dangers of mail-in voting, which some Democrats are trying to make happen for this next election. He explained that a survey was done in Oregon asking people about their mail-in vote, and some people admitted that voter fraud took place. How dangerous could this be for our next election? What can be done? Do you believe there should be in person voting? Spakovsky told Drew Mariani that despite much criticism of voting at the polls during COVID, the voting turnout in WI didn’t seem to change at all in comparison to past elections.
  • Dr. Paul Kengor on all things political. He talks about the double standard of judging allegations of abuse. Tara Reade who came forward with allegations of abuse by Biden has been ignored and shut down. Even the Drudge Report has not touched this story! Also, why does Gov Cuomo think God had nothing to do with the flattening of the curve? Dr. Kengor expresses his frustration over his comments, and we encourage you to hear what he has to say.