Marriage rates plummeting

  • Hour 1 of 4-29-20
  • A Coronavirus roundup begins the hour. Have you or a loved one been impacted by this virus in any way? Maybe you have lost a family member through this… The president shared yesterday that he has unfortunately lost some friends and acquaintances. Something that has become very typical during these press conferences is the fact that President Trump has had to defend his claim that testing is going up. President Trump was also asked in his press conference yesterday if he is considering having testing done on international flights. Would you be comfortable with this? Hear this audio from the press conference.
  • Marriage rates are plunging to lowest level on record. Fr. Paul Sullins agrees that there is a correlation with this stat and the legalization of gay marriage. Many see marriage as just a ‘piece of paper’ and not necessary for them. What do we as Catholics need to do to help people understand the importance of this sacrament? Get connected to this great conversation.
  • David Carrollo joins Drew to talk about Marian Consecration. Archbishop Gomez of LA will consecrate our nation to Mary, Mother of the Church this Friday, which is so importance in this time of uncertainty. Protect yourself spiritually during COVID and turn to our Lady! David Carrollo of Blue Army has invited you to contact his apostolate to obtain blessed salt and holy water for spiritual protection during COVID. Contact info: Call (908) 689-1700 EXT: 210 or