Oil’s historic one day drop

  • Hour 1 of 4-20-20
  • In yesterday’s press conference, President Trump compared the US testing rate with that of some countries in Europe. He said that the US has a much better rate. Many of the metro areas are finding that their cases are declining, including New York City! VP Mike Pence has that good news as well! VP Mike Pence is working closely with the governors, as many of them prepare to reopen their state very soon. Are you in a state right now where this is happening? Listen to what he said on this and more.
  • We saw a huge drop in oil prices today. It was historic and unprecedented for quite some time. Mark P. Mills is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute; he explained  that the fall in oil prices is happening because consumer demand has dropped exponentially in this time.  Mills is confident that when the economy begins to surge back, people will be driving again just like before…oil prices will definitely go back to normal.
  • What will the future of marijuana look like after COVID? Are most people ready for legalization? Could medicinal marijuana help cure cancer? Luke Niforatos disputes these arguments that weed should treat cancer; he says he wants decriminalization but does not want marijuana to be hijacked by private companies.