Q&A on the virus

  • Hour 3 of 4-6-20
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi is in to answer your questions about the virus. Doctor explains that the majority of people who end up getting the virus will have it very mildly; in fact, some may not even know they had it! He says that it is possible for some to only have a few symptoms but not all; for instance 10 percent of people may have COVID without an actual fever. Still, some can’t get tested unless they meet certain qualifications. With that said, Dr. Tiballi doesn’t think it is wise for everyone to lesson social distancing to try to bring about herd immunity. He speaks to a caller who tested possible for Influenza A and she wants to know if she may have also had COVID at the same time. Get answers to your questions, and hear part of President Trump’s press conference in the last 15 minutes of the hour.