The importance of Sacrament of Confession

  • Hour 3 of 4-15-20
  • Have you ever wondered how the Sacrament of Confession started? Can we find scriptural evidence in John 20? Steve Ray talks to Drew about why we need to go to a priest to confess our sins. If you have ever been asked why we can’t just go to God, you’ll get great answers. Drew also talks to Steve about how it’s OK to admit that you don’t like going to Confession! Steve talks about his first experience going to Reconciliation and what that was like. He says he still hasn’t really gotten over how hard it is to go, but he always walks away with so much joy. Steve also gets in to what true contrition means, and how priests have the right to refuse absolution.
  • A year ago today we saw the beloved Notre Dame Cathedral burning into flames. As we look back on this day, get connected to an update on where things are in terms of rebuilding. Dr. Jeff Gardner discusses what might have occurred and reports that it appears to have not been arson. He also is asked about concerns that more modern architecture might be incorporated.
  • Get connected to the president’s press conference today.