The Patrick Madrid Show: April 1, 2020 – Hour 1

  • DC mayor threatens 90 days in jail for leaving home during coronavirus
  • Caller: Mary Beth in WI remarks how grateful she is to work from home but her daughter has to go into work and risk her health.
  • Caller: Barbara in NJ says governor Murphy has spoken against antisemitism but that the Jewish community isn’t adhering to the COVID-19 mandates and are sending their kids to school still
  • Caller: Mike in PA shares that his son drove over an hour to get to a drive-thru confession and encourages others to be creative in their efforts too
  • Pew Research Center survey found that many Americans say they have changed religious habits and started praying more due to coronavirus outbreak
  • Caller: Megan in ME says this outbreak has shown us how Americans can be pro-life
  • Caller: Tom in CA asks why in John 6 it talks about the “bread of life and the cup of salvation.” Why does it distinguish the two?
  • Caller: Maureen in MA shares what her daughter’s parish is doing for Holy Week and asks why we say in the Glory Be prayer “ it was in the beginning..” if Jesus always was