The Patrick Madrid Show: April 1, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Fr. Rocky plays “name that tune” and “name that movie”
  • Callers guess the correct answers to Fr. Rocky’s trivia
  • Caller: Jeannette in CA asks about the plenary indulgence offered to us
  • Coronavirus researchers identify strongest symptom after analyzing over million people
  • Caller: Karcher in VA is 9 years old and asks what the difference is between apostles and disciples. Can a pope, bishop, or priest be considered one?
  • Caller: Connie in CA found out about a cool idea to put the image of divine mercy on the front door or window
  • Caller: Emelina in CA asks about a situation where two baptized non-denominational people who are divorced, if one wants to marry a Catholic now, what happens?
  • Caller: Harrison in CA has a friend who claims he is a “Luciferian.” What exactly is that and the belief behind it?
  • Caller: JB in NV asks about his dilemma in wanting to honor his grandparents’ wishes in scattering their ashes at a particular place but knowing that’s not what should be done