The Patrick Madrid Show: April 10, 2020 – Hour 1

  • People are offering tips to entice Instacart workers, but some turn the tactic into a bait-and-switch after the person who risks their health to get them their groceries makes the delivery
  • Patrick says this is a time where we can practice almsgiving to those who are serving and risking their health and “not neglecting to do good” as we store up our treasures in Heaven
  • Patrick reflects upon our current predicament of inconveniences and reminisces about his parents’ WWII ration card they used during a similar time of scarcity. He reminds us to not take anything for granted; this is a blessing in disguise
  • Josh Raymond reads the Good Friday Gospel reflection
  • Caller: Gary in NJ asks at what point did Jesus go from being Jewish to becoming a Christian and establishing the Catholic Church
  • Caller: Tim in WI asks if he should somehow create an imitation of the Eucharistic bread to help his kids remember Christ this Easter.