The Patrick Madrid Show: April 10, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Claudia in MN asks if Jesus’ tomb was in a garden, and if the site at the holy sepulcher in the Holy Land is His actual tomb
  • Caller: Bernice in CA says she got an infant of Prague statue as a gift from Relevant Radio’s last pledge drive and it has been a blessing during this time
  • Caller: Josephine in NJ shares her experience going to confession after talking to Patrick about it a few weeks ago. She also asks if the Roman soldiers who pierced Jesus’ side knew the prophecy about how none of Jesus’ bones would be broken
  • Caller: Bob in TX is Methodist but loves the show. His financial worries during this pandemic is testing his faith. He asks for advice on how to overcome this and trust in God
  • Patrick reads various Scripture passages to encourage Bob not to be anxious, but to let go of control and focus more on storing treasure in Heaven
  • Patrick reads about Fr. Henry Morse SJ who exemplified great Christian courage and selflessness during a plague in England, in the early 1600’s