The Patrick Madrid Show: April 14, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Local grocers and big chains alike are deploying robots to clean floors, stock shelves and deliver groceries to shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Kentucky Christians attending a drive-in service on Easter (despite warnings from Gov. Beshear) found nails dumped in their church parking lot
  • Caller: Cody in NM asks why as Catholics we aren’t supposed to read tarot cards
  • Caller: Richard in NJ asks where in the Bible it says that Mary came from the line of David.
  • Caller: Mike in MN asks for a book recommendation on the early Christians
  • Caller: Vito in NJ tells the audience to thank God for when prayer is answered and to accept when the answers are not what they wanted
  • Caller: Lillian in CA asks for prayers on her birthday. She asks if Patrick knows about the stimulus being offered to small nonprofits and that Relevant Radio could apply
  • Patrick elaborates on canon lawyer Fr. Gavin’s thoughts on dioceses shutting down public Masses and curtailing the sacraments