The Patrick Madrid Show: April 15, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Food supply worries grow after outbreak closes Smithfield meat plant
  • Caller: Susan in CA follows up her call from a while ago re: her daughter destroying her IVF embryos; she says a mystic at her parish gave her hope saying they were in Heaven
  • Caller: Cathy in CA asks Patrick’s opinion on the possibility of extraterrestrial activity and UFOs visiting us. Patrick admits there is suggestive evidence
  • Caller: Jimmy in UT asks how long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they were expelled
  • Caller: Ivonne in CA asks how old the Blessed Virgin Mary was when she was assumed into Heaven
  • Caller: Scott in AZ doesn’t understand why Mary is called the New Eve and why Catholics believe she is sinless
  • Caller: Dana in OH asks for talking points she can use with her protestant family member about the early Christians and whether they practiced Catholic traditions
  • Caller: Kiren in CO asks if Adam and Eve had past the test and not eaten the fruit, would their descendants have a chance to eat it? Patrick references Thomas Aquinas
  • Caller: Miles in CO asks the difference between the Ascension and the Assumption