The Patrick Madrid Show: April 16, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Bishop Peter Baldacchino of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has lifted a diocesan ban on the public celebration of Mass and told priests they may resume sacramental ministry if they follow state-ordered health precautions.
  • Caller: Michael in NY is frustrated that Planned Parenthood is still operating claiming to be a health center. He asks how we can let the public know PP is not essential
  • Caller: John in NY is a Baptist but his wife is Catholic and pro-life, yet she votes for democrats that are pro-abortion. This troubles him
  • Caller: Kathy in IL wants to increase her devotion to Mary, and she read 33 Days to Morning Glory, but she was uncomfortable with St. Louis De Montfort’s commentary on Day 4
  • Cardinal George Pell said it is widely believed by senior Vatican officials that his prosecution in Australia was linked to his fight against financial corruption in the Vatican