The Patrick Madrid Show: April 2, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick says Relevant Radio is America’s virtual parish, open 24/7
  • Carnival still has 6,000 passengers on ships at sea
  • Caller: Roseanne in WI shares her experience visiting the trappist monks that make caskets and how it was the most memorable pilgrimage
  • Patrick explains what you can do if you didn’t have a chance to go to confession before quarantine
  • Caller: Kathy in PA wonders about a certain pastor who laid his hands on his flock and if it was for news coverage or if it was authentic
  • Patrick reads through the AA 12 step program
  • Caller: Steven in FL thinks people are scared of the unknown, but if the Church would just give a future date when they will reopen it will put people at ease
  • Caller: Jerry in ME thanks Patrick for talking about the AA 12 steps. He is doing the 12 steps program and recommends the Calix society