The Patrick Madrid Show: April 22, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick asks Cyrus and Kaylyn if they plan to visit restaurants and other businesses as soon as they reopen, or if they will be hesitant and continue quarantine
  • Caller: Miguel in CA hopes people receive the Body of Christ more reverently after this pandemic
  • Caller: Pam in FL asks if the decision is settled regarding women in the diaconate
  • Caller: Marie in NJ asks book recommendations for studying the early Church and which Bible version to use
  • Caller: Vicky in KY asks if St. Joseph was young or old when he married the Virgin Mary, because the Church fathers say old, but Fr. Donald Calloway in his new book claims he was younger and has evidence of saints’ accounts to back that up
  • Caller: Tony in RI asks if the Eucharist is essential for everyone to be saved
  • Caller: Brock in FL asks about the Jewish belief regarding the covenant with God being fulfilled
  • Caller: Mary in IL asks for a book recommendation as a starting point to catch her up on learning about the Catholic Faith
  • Caller: Scott in AZ asks what’s so new and important about St. Faustina’s Divine Mercy message because Jesus spoke of mercy from the beginning