The Patrick Madrid Show: April 23, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: multitude of people express their concern about being fired/laid off and how the bills are growing during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Patrick encourages listeners to extend generosity and reach out to see who they know may need some help
  • Caller: Kenneth in WI is worried about churches reopening and the congregations spreading germs
  • Caller: Morris in FL thinks the government should have shut down or suspended major  bills and other payments before shutting down businesses and jobs
  • Caller: Charlie in PA is frustrated that everyone is making big efforts to save lives from coronavirus, yet are complacent regarding abortion which kills many more lives
  • Soundbite: Dr. Anthony Levatino explains what happens during a first trimester abortion, courtesy of Live Action
  • Caller: Joe in MD explains his reasoning for why mosques are still open and Catholic churches are closed, claiming that Muslims don’t value life as much as Catholics
  • Caller: Nicki in MI asks the meaning behind the bent cross
  • Caller: Brittany in IL asks how to discuss with her parents why a second baptism now that they’re older isn’t necessary, because baptism happens once