The Patrick Madrid Show: April 24, 2020 – Hour 1

  • ‘Everybody here’s been vaccinated’: New York Times photographer jokes about coronavirus vaccine on hot mic
  • Patrick asks Cyrus and Kaylyn if they would volunteer to be injected with the virus to test for a vaccine
  • Caller: Sylvia in IN says young people do all sorts of risky things like eating tide pods, so they would probably volunteer to test the vaccine, but she doesn’t trust vaccines
  • Caller: Frisk in FL is sick of the coronavirus pandemic and she wants the world to end already. She lives alone in her 60’s
  • Caller: Gabriella in CA is confused why Jesus told the penitent thief on the cross next to him that he’ll be with him in paradise that day, because Jesus didn’t rise until 3 days later
  • Caller: Christine in MA asks why her current missal is different that an older missal she found. Patrick discusses the various calendars that correspond with the volume of missals
  • Skynet is near – Google scientists create artificial intelligence that evolves on its own