The Patrick Madrid Show: April 24, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Ann in NM asks why Peter was armed with a sword in the first place when he struck the ear of the Roman soldier
  • Caller: Marilyn in NJ asks if her dad lost his faith because of dementia, that’s not his fault and he won’t be culpable, right?
  • Caller: Mike in IL asks what we can do about Bill Gates and his effort to force vaccination
  • Caller: Alyse in IL says her sister is transitioning to a male, and she insists that she be called by her new name. Should she respect that to keep peace in the family?
  • Caller: Roland in CA asks if the cloth of Veronica is authentic
  • Caller: Mark in IL asks how the relationship between cardinals and the pope is. He thinks highly of Cardinal Burke. Could he advise the pope on how to handle things?
  • Caller: Andres in CA asks if it is sinful to listen to certain types of music
  • Fr. Rocky plays music trivia with Patrick and listeners