The Patrick Madrid Show: April 27, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Toilet paper scams: Duped online shoppers report getting ‘mini rolls’ delivered
  • Secrets of lockdown lifestyle laid bare in electricity data
  • Church giving down more due to COVID-19 than during Great Recession, survey shows
  • Caller: Mark in MN reminisces on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Patrick. He asks about the prayer Patrick read on the virtual Christ Brings Hope event, called, “The Fellowship of the Unashamed”
  • Caller: Mike in CO is a millennial and loves Patrick’s show. He thinks the Coronavirus could be demonic. He also asks for book recommendations during quarantine, one of which peaks his curiosity is the Da Vinci Code
  • Soundbite: Replay of Patrick’s short talk from the Christ Brings Hope Awards last night
  • Caller: Albert in NM asks if Mark or Matthew was the first Gospel writer
  • 5 threats to US food supply chains because of coronavirus pandemic
  • Caller: Pam in IN asks about Pontius Pilate and whether he ever repented of officially presiding over the crucifixion