The Patrick Madrid Show: April 28, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Cindy in CA asks if society does open soon and churches start Mass again, is it a sin if she personally doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t attend Mass right away?
  • Caller: Stephanie in IL asks why in some dioceses the sacrament of confirmation is administered before the sacrament of Holy Communion
  • Caller: Sandra in IL is a healthcare professional and says we need to reopen immediately. She says it’s depressing for the elderly. There are no new coronavirus cases at her hospital.
  • Caller: Patti in ME asks about  the different translations of John 3:3 in the Catholic Bible vs. the King James Bible. How do you rationalize the difference?
  • Caller: David in WI says the coronavirus is similar to the flu. They misprojected the death toll
  • Caller: Greg in CA asks why we mention Pontius Pilate in prayer at Mass, and if the Blessed Mother could’ve said “no” to becoming the Mother of God
  • Caller: Kelly in IN asks how long the Hail Mary prayer has been around, or where it came from
  • Face masks will be required for flight attendants during every mainline and regional flight starting May 1, American Airlines said in a statement
  • Caller: Jenny in TX asks if tattoos are sinful. She has 12 and they are all meaningful to her.