The Patrick Madrid Show: April 29, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Cathy Caridi of “Canon Law Made Easy” responds to the question: can the bishop in my diocese require us to receive Communion in the hand, because of the coronavirus?
  • Caller: Linda in CA asks how the world populated with just Adam and Eve, or Seth, Cain and Able
  • Soundbite: Google launched a temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus called “teach from home”
  • Caller: Monica in CA is concerned because her fiancé is in a group chat with his buddies and they send pornographic photos. When she shares that it bothers her, he says it’s not a big deal
  • Caller: Tom in CA makes a suggestion of how he could’ve answered a call from yesterday’s show on the Bible being divinely inspired, and how it’s difficult to prove certain theological questions
  • Caller: Lucy in CA talks about distance learning and getting back to school earlier rather than later
  • Caller: Al in TX asks for further insight on the Spanish Inquisition