The Patrick Madrid Show: April 30, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: Humorous bit on what everyone should be doing during this pandemic from The Adley Show
  • Caller: Saria is concerned for her elderly mother who is dying more from loneliness and depression than physical illness. She is frustrated she can’t be with her
  • California cops heckled as they tell 93-year-old couple they can’t sit in chairs on the beach. Gov. Gavin Newsom says he will issue an edict to enforce social distancing
  • Caller: Donna in NH is discouraged because this pandemic has shaken her faith
  • Caller: Dave in TX asks for help understanding Scripture when it says the wife will have pain in childbearing and she will desire her husband, who is her “master”
  • Bill Gates funding factories for 7 coronavirus vaccines
  • Caller: Marie in NJ asks why the Gospel of John is the only one that doesn’t mention the Institution of the Eucharist, when that is such a crucial aspect of the Catholic faith