The Patrick Madrid Show: April 7, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Lawrence in IL thinks we need to prepare for white martyrdom, or suffering for the sake of Christ in a way without bloodshed
  • Caller: Joseph in CA talks about a bishop in Shanghai who spent decades in jail. He discusses God’s permissive will and meaning in suffering
  • Caller: Yolie in CA asks why Jesus made Peter the first pope despite the fact he denied Him three times, and why He gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of Heaven
  • Caller mentions that there is a priest in NH named Gordon MaCrae who has been imprisoned for over two decades for crimes he did not commit
  • Caller: Tom in NJ has two children in Catholic school and they are not learning correct Catechesis. Their teacher told them the Eucharist is a symbol of Christ’s body.
  • Caller: Michelle in AL asks how to discuss with her family members why she won’t attend their schismatic church with them
  • Caller: Adrian in CA asks if we won’t be given in marriage in Heaven, then will we have our male and female bodies, and if so, why?