The Patrick Madrid Show: April16, 2020 – Hour 2

  • ‘Rice ATM’ feeds Vietnam’s working poor in Covid lockdown
  • A Florida judge has one request for attorneys showing up for court hearings via Zoom
  • Caller: John in Canada asks given that bread and wine are transubstantiated at Mass, why doesn’t God “transubstantiate” a physical disability he’s prayed a long time to be healed of?
  • Caller: Debbie in PA is concerned about not being able to go to confession for a while during quarantine. How can she know if her sins are forgiven?
  • Caller: Alane in CA asks if she should listen live at 1pm PST to the Divine Mercy broadcast or if she should wait until 3pm her time. She also asks for advice on reading the Bible because she is having a hard time understanding the book of Wisdom
  • Caller: Susan asks if a deceased loved one could come back and visit in spirit or if angels can speak with us
  • Soundbite: Glenn on the Morning Air Show reads a poem about the coronavirus and Easter
  • Caller: Donna in WI asks if she is obligated to do all the possible procedures if she is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, or if she can let nature take its course