The president’s immigration order

  • Hour 1 of 4-22-20
  • Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator, has continued good news to share concerning some of the metro areas which were once plagued with many cases. NY, Chicago, and Detroit are among those cities seeing a drop in COVID rates! Dr. Stephen Hahn of the FDA gave a detailed report on antibody tests, which would be able to help you know if you have had COVID. Dr.  Birx was also asked what measures will be taken if COVID happens to come back, particularly in the fall. Hear this audio and commentary from yesterday’s press conference.
  • President Trump was pressed on the immigration order which was put out as a possibility; it has not yet been passed. However, it would halt people with green cards from coming in for a limited time. The president explained that he wants to protect American’s jobs. Fr Thomas Betz explains that even though he is pro-immigrant, there is certainly no reason to take this action as anti-immigrant in nature. President Trump is trying to protect American jobs. As long as it doesn’t last long-term, he doesn’t take issue with it. He also assures you that it won’t harm certain workers like farmers. Hear his additional commentary on this and the immigration debate from a Catholic perspective.