Adoption Story, Scripture & Tradition, Hedonism, Coronavirus 5.4.20

  • Country Singer, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren bring tv talk show host Kelly Clarkson to tears sharing their adoption story. Mission of a Mother; quarantine bringing parenthood into focus.
  • Without the sacraments: are you really missing them or is it just another thing to complain about in quarantine? Search: confessions are still being offered; some churches are open for prayer and our Lord is always present in the tabernacle. Are you searching scripture? Our sign of faith will awaken the world!
  • Are you lonely for friendship? Aristotle describes three types of friends. Are your friendships falling to pieces? A friendship of virtue is a relationship that focuses on the other person. What are you working toward in a friendship? Does your Christian faith come into your friendships?
  • STDs and the coronavirus: NYPost says condom sales down during the Coronavirus. Advice on saving sex for marriage. Yes to chastity is yes to intimacy and life long love.