Archbishop Sheen’s niece

  • Hour 1 of 5-7-20
  • Do you want your church to reopen? Many more are beginning to now! Gov. Pritzker of IL  was asked yesterday about the plan to reopen churches in his state – he said gatherings of more than 50 in a church may not happen until about a year. We pray for those who have the tough decisions to make regarding this and for God’s will to be done.
  • Kayleigh McEnany is the new White House Press Secretary – yesterday she credited the work America has done throughout this entire pandemic. Hear what she said on this as well as what she would say to senior citizens in this time. She advises that no person put their health at risk, and if they have chest pain, to see a doctor. Stay vigilant and healthy!
  • Joan Sheen Cunningham is the niece of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. She joins Drew to talk about his life and legacy, and she even wrote a new book called My Uncle Fulton Sheen. Joan, now in her 90s, had a very close relationship with her uncle and has many stories to tell. Drew and Joan both agree that his sanctity was so evident to anyone who met him.