Comparison & Faith in Trying Times 5.29.20

  • Marriage is for the other. Comparison culture: Hailey Bieber shares her struggle with comparison (the thief of joy!).Social media influence and pressure: how do young people survive the struggle with comparison?  It’s normal to ask: Am I loved? Am I admired? Who are you asking? Why are you asking?
  • Guest, Father Matthew Spencer, OSJ: weathering the pandemic; how do we keep our sanity and holiness in times of great difficulty?
  • YouTube channel “Dad, how do I?” features a humble “internet Dad” teaches functional tasks and gives advice/encouragement to young men. Fatherhood and service. St. Joseph, terror of demons: how do you react to this title for St. Joseph? Why is it difficult to understand the concept of God? Do our father-wounds influence our relationship with God?
  • Chris Langan, “Smartest Man in America” with ~200 IQ Supports Eugenics: Intelligence can lack truth, and knowledge can lack wisdom. Intelligence is not as important as being morally sound.