Cardiac arrests going up

  • Hour 1 of 5-22-20
  • Starting off the show, get a historical perspective on the origins of Memorial Day. Do we truly understand why we celebrate this holiday? Learn more about this tradition and also hear some breaking news related to opening churches again! President Trump has announced that he will make sure churches reopen, and if governors give him a hard time, he will not back down. This is a win for religious freedom! As the president says, if people say liquor stores are essential, then the freedom to worship truly is as well.
  • A disturbing report that cardiac arrests have gone up – this article indicates that it has gone up 800 percent!  Is there a connection to COVID? And are people at risk, getting the proper care they need? Dr. Sean Tierney reports.
  • Financial hardship has fallen upon many, maybe you as well. With people struggling to pay rent, some are being evicted from their homes. Is there any relief? What help is there for you if you find yourself in this situation. Mary Brunson stops by for commentary, and she reminds you that this time of COVID is not forever.