Chaplet/Norma McCorvey documentary

  • Hour 2 of 5-22-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • As FX has premiered their Roe documentary, the reports that Norma McCorvey was faking her pro-life conversion are circulating widely. If this is true, how should we respond? Don’t lose heart. Regardless of what Norma thought, abortion is still wrong, and Drew encourages you to keep fighting for life. Kristan Hawkins reminds us to extend grace to Norma and remember how much guilt she carried in her heart. She is also asked if watching this documentary is even worth it. Hawkins laments that no true pro-life voice was even given worthy time in the television documentary.
  • Hear the latest news about Joe Biden. He said on The Breakfast Club radio show that if an African American person doesn’t vote for him, they are not truly black. Was he kidding? He might have been joking, but regardless, this only causes more racial tension in our nation. Hear what he said at the end of the hour.