Chaplet/Shameful treatment of elderly

  • Hour 2 of 5-28-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • The way that some leaders have failed to take care of those in nursing homes is saddening and maddening. People in nursing homes have been abused and mistreated. And as much as Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY has been saying that every life matters in this pandemic, he tried to shift away the blame recently. He was the one who had the nursing home order in his state and many were killed. However, he recently told NBC that he wouldn’t want his own mom in one. Dr. Charles Camosy has been calling for us to be aware of the “throwaway culture” and the way that elderly are not cared for. He was on FOX News not long ago and so many thanked him for his work. He joins Drew to discuss what we can do and encourages you to take action.