Congress & COVID; Supreme Court & Little Sisters; Presidents & Prayers; Service & Stewardship 5.5.20

  • Congressman Adam Kinzinger: COVID legislative actions; call for relief to local broadcast stations & media outlets, stimulus funds to businesses to use for advertising on local media; House bills aimed at fighting social media fraud, hold violators accountable; paycheck protection & healthcare enhancement. 
  • Diana Verm, Becket Law: update on the LIttle Sisters of the Poor; religious freedom/discrimination. 
  • Jim Bolthouse: Presidential Prayer Team President updates plans for & importance of National Day of Prayer; Americans unite to pray for the nation, leaders, healthcare workers, first responders, an end to the COVID pandemic and health of the country; tradition & power of being a nation at prayer.  
  • Fr. Francis “Rocky” Hoffman, Executive Director of Relevant Radio: bringing Christ to the world through the media. The “More and More Club”; Prayer v Pandemic.