Leading Loved ones Back to Church & LGBTQ 5.27.20

  • Whether you agree or disagree with David Daleiden’s undercover videos, they changed hearts and minds. Timmerie shares news from the Center for Medical Progress: recently released (more) videos of Planned Parenthood caught buying/selling fetal body parts.
  • Guest, Michael Gasparro, MFT: problems when parents put adult labels on children; how should parents react to gender identity dysphoria? We love and encourage parents to love unconditionally and seek support and encouragement to guide their children well.
  • What not to say to same sex parents; considering the rights of children. Adoptive children: confusion and need for knowing biological parents.
  • How to encourage your family members to return to Church: lead by example; understand their reasons for not going to mass; understand what they know about the faith. Caller, Alaine from Santa Barbara: There are heterosexual parents that are horrible. Same sex couples might be better in some cases.