Equality Language, Phobia Day, Unconditional Love/Feeling Extremely Single, Pro LIfe News 5.20.20

  • The United Nations recently Tweeted to encourage gender neutral language: consider he chaos. Logical reasons to keep biological birth sex on legal documents.
  • Guest, Michael Gasparro, Associate MFT : describes how he finds peace and freedom in his Catholic faith; international trans/homo/bi phobia day criticizes Catholics out of a misunderstanding of the Catholic position on SSA. How does confused sexuality relate to abortion?
  • How do you act with compassion/sensitivity and love toward your gay/lesbian/bi/trans child? How to you keep your same sex attracted loved ones in your sphere of love? Finding joy when you’re feeling single and alone.
  • Over 37 combined Planned Parenthood facilities received over 80 billion in government covid-19 bailout funds from the Small Business Administration. Norma McCorvey/Jane Roe news.