Fasting for the Eucharist, Integrity & Masculinity, Middle Age Men, Bieber Regret 5.19.20

  • Encouraging everyone to make this time separated from our Lord a fruitful journey. Planned Parenthood has been sending women to the ER. Crisis pregnancy centers keeping doors open to help women during the pandemic. Support your local crisis pregnancy center!
  • Guest, Jim O’Day, Integrity Restored @I_Restored : Masculinity should be a positive thing/a virtue men are wired to protect, provide and procreate. Depression and suicide rates rising among young men, what’s at the core: living from the outside, in. Connectedness takes root at home, first.
  • Struggle of the middle aged man: Hollywood portrayed as the bumbling idiot or soft. Pressure from hypersexualization. Healthy human development involves navigating biological/psychological/sociological changes. Video games: filling the void of competition & creating issues.
  • Pop singer, Justin Bieber in the news sharing his regret for not waiting till marriage for sex. Sex isn’t what gives you value.