Finance Friday/Casual Friday with Fr. Simon

  • Hour 3 of 5-15-20
  • Finance Friday with Peter Grandich – Times are tough right now. We all know that. Peter Grandich will bring you his perspective on the economic situation. Here’s a link to a podcast he published this morning that lays out his thoughts on the matter. The 7 deadly sins of finance can be read here. He believes that no one should be in debt; there is nothing in Scripture which says it is good. You can read more of his Biblical perspective here.
  • The Simpsons have been known to predict many things, like who will win the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, FIFA’s corrupt scandal, and Disney buying FOX. What can explain this? Drew and Jake talk to Fr. Rich Simon about this on Casual Friday. Father also talks about his priestly anniversary and what led him to his vocation. He gives advice to those thinking about the priesthood and says it should never be done out of obligation. He says it should be done out of love for Jesus and the Mass.