George Floyd

  • Hour 1 of 5-29-20
  • The riots are getting bad in Minneapolis, as looters are burning down the city. They are understandably angry about the death of George Floyd. But thankfully, justice has been served. The cop who took the life of George has been arrested and charged. Is this violence in Minnesota really the right response though? Buildings are being burned down, and people’s businesses are being destroyed. What is the right course of action to solve and heal from this racial tension in America? How should Catholics react in love and concern? Julio Rosas, Ed Morrissey, and Brian Gibson provide updates from the state of Minnesota. They tell you about the political, socioeconomic, and emotional impact of all of this.
  • Mat Staver reports on religious freedom in America. As churches have tried to open up, some government officials and politicians are trying to squash this right to go to church and assemble in prayer. Yet at the same time, liquor stores, abortion clinics, and other places of vice and sin are deemed essential. What is being done to curb this? How can we as Catholics find our voice? Get the latest on this and more.