Jane Roe Film & the Facts; Plague Literature & the Classics in Time of Covid 5.21.20

Allan Parker: Lawyer for Norma McCorvey says ‘Don’t trust the FX documentary, producers befriended then betrayed Norma’; her efforts to reverse Roe v. Wade, asking Supreme Court to hear her case again, arguments filed in her ‘Rule 60 Motion’ have still not been ruled on by the Court to this day; the true story. 

Dr. Tod Worner: Teaching medical students displaced from clinical duties due to COVID-19 a unique program ‘The Wisdom of Literature in a Time of Plague”; Camus, Boccaccio & more; exploring Duty, Suffering, & Grace in Shakespeare, Dante, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Austen; historical wisdom from Solzhenitsyn, Churchill, Maximilian Kolbe.