Little Sisters in Court

  • Hour 1 of 5-6-20
  • The Little Sisters are back in court, again!! They have been bullied and forced into compromising their beliefs. However, they should not have to be guilted into paying for contraceptives. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and others claim that the sisters’ rights do not come before women who want birth control. Please pray for their conversions and for the protection of those standing for truth! Today, the Supreme Court held a hearing via telephone conference. Get caught up on the latest and hear an update from Adele Keim.
  • Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Alesandro Serenelli. He was the one who killed Maria Goretti. Maria stood by her faith and refused to give into his demands; yet this is not the end of the story! God’s grace and redemption was found even in a story like this one. Hear a reflection from Fr. Nicholas Federspiel.
  • Fr. Rocky is in to talk about Miraculous Medals! These sacramentals offer spiritual protection for you and your loved ones. They are traced back to St. Catherine Laboure and the appearance of Our Lady. However, there is another piece of history you may not know. A person who was an atheist was in Rome encountered a profound conversion because of Our Mother – get that story as well!