Living Liturgically, Women’s Right to Vote, ERA, Marriage 5.21.20

  • Can you believe it’s been 40 days since Easter? Ascension Thursday: as Jesus is getting ready to return to his Father, he’s preparing the Apostles for evangelization.
  • Guest, Helen Alvare, Scalia School of Law at George Mason University:  voices who fought for the Susan B. Anthony 19th Amendment; original feminists were pro-life. How to talk to teens about choosing the “good life.”
  • Hulu’s new show Mrs. American tells the story of pro-life Catholic Phyllis Schlafly’s battle against the ERA. Understanding the battle over the Equal Rights Amendment and why Phyllis Schlafly rightly opposed it.
  • Hailey Bieber shares her feelings of guilt early in marriage ; pressure to live a “good girl” persona. A real life, “Walk to Remember” story.