Our Lady of Fatima, Gender & Boundaries in Isolation, Conversion vs. Reintegrative Therapy, Home Schooling 5.13.20

  • Can you meet people where they are, give them the truth and encourage them? Our Lady of Fatima did! If people don’t understand “sins of the flesh” — how can you help them understand, speak boldly the truth? Our Lady is telling us that WE can help make a change in this world.
  • Guest: Michael Gasparro, Associate MFT Teen girl challenges UK school guidelines forcing her to share toilets with boys who say they’re girls. Vatican on gender. There are separate sexes or not. Are you struggling with boundary issues in isolation?
  • Should so called “conversion therapy”? What even is conversion therapy? Re integrative therapy: why it is used and path of healing. Porn addiction is sex addiction: banning conversion or re integrative therapy prevents healing.
  • Surviving homeschooling — from one of those kids.