Pixar coming out with a show discussing homosexuality

  • Hour 1 of 5-28-20
  • A short produced by Pixar has come to Disney Plus. It is called ‘Out,’ and it features a homosexual man preparing to tell his parents that he is gay. Many see the show as promoting homosexuality and normalizing the lifestyle. Kim Zember is a Catholic who walked away from her former lesbian lifestyle and wants the truth about love and marriage to be proclaimed. She says that this show should encourage parents to have important conversations with their kids, and rather to encourage them to “act out,” to share with them the Church teachings. She says we can’t run away from this discussion, but parents should be there more than ever so that Disney’s message doesn’t invade your kids’ souls.
  • Suicide rates have spiked! Have you been affected by mental illness because of the quarantine? Maybe someone you know has even taken their life. Well we want to give you some helpful tools on how to help someone in need. Maybe you are struggling with mental illness or suicidal thoughts right now, but you’re also afraid to go into a counseling office because of the virus. Dr. Simon Rego told CNBC that right now, there are many at home therapy opportunities available. Hear what he says, as well as our guest Dr. Suzanne Hollman.