Q&A on Coronavirus

  • Hour 3 of 5-4-20
  • Lots of mysteries surrounding this virus! Sec of State Mike Pompeo was asked by ABC News if he believes this virus came out of a Wuhan lab. He believes that it is probable. President Trump was less specific about what he knows and didn’t give out as many details as the reporters wanted him too. However, should we believe this was a naturally created virus? Did it come from a bat? Dr. Bob Tiballi shares his thoughts and gives his estimations on this. He says he thinks it was an accident and that Sec. of State Pompeo was very inflammatory in his comments. Also, how many strains of this virus are there? Hear what Dr. Tiballi says.
  • Are you wearing a mask? Some stores like Costco are requiring patrons to wear them in the stores. Other cities like LA ask you to wear one when you can’t social distance. Are there health benefits to wearing one? Dr. Bob Tiballi shares what he knows and explains the difference between a regular mask and an N95 one. Get a 101 on masks in light of COVID-19.