Racism in today’s culture

  • Hour 3 of 5-29-20
  • Steve Ray joins Drew to talk about the Biblical and historical aspects of Pentecost. Bringing you back to what happened, you’ll learn about what led up to and transpired from this important event. Being open to the Holy Spirit in your life will give you the same graces the apostles experienced. Also, have you ever wondered about speaking in tongues? Steve explains this phenomenon and how the disciples were able to understand different languages.
  • Cassie Everts is a former producer on the show and she has two adopted boys. She joins Drew to talk about the terrible things that have been said to them because of the color of their skin. Cassie shares specific examples of ways they have been treated differently, and she asks that we all consider how to help black people encounter the love and freedom they deserve. Racism is real, and we all have a duty to fight against it.
  • Brian Walker is an African American man who knows all too well that racism is a real problem in today’s society. He expresses his concern about racial tension, but he also asks that those who are protesting against George Floyd’s death reconsider their methods. He explains that it is not Biblical or moral to fight injustice with more injustice. Hear what he has to say on this, and be open to ways that the Spirit may lead you to tackle the problem of racism.