Religious Freedom, Atheism, Spiritual not Religious, Letting Go of Baggage 5.22.20

  • What’s fundamental to being a person, is to be able to pursue what is good, true and beautiful: Churches are considered essential. No government should be allowed to overrule our freedom to worship. St. Rita: reminds us to keep hope in desperate times.
  • Guest, Sister Aletheia Nobel: How to talk to an atheist. What draws young people to atheism? Nourish a healthy curiosity in your children — realize your own doubts and bring them to God. It’s ok to not feel comfortable “arguing” the faith. How can we be comfortable when we’re called to answer someone’s question, even when we don’t know the “answer”? Our faith is not about what we know but WHO we know. Evangelization is about our relationship with our loved ones.
  • Can being “spiritual, but not religious” lead to dangerous waters? Does religion keep a spiritual person safe from demonic?
  • Do you feel “bad” when you say “no”? Quarantine ending, so it’s time to pause – take stock of where we are at.  Is this benefiting me?