Returning to Mass

  • Hour 3 of 5-5-20
  • Will people return to Mass once restrictions are lifted? We hope and pray that all do. The concern is that some may get used to not going to Mass and they might allow that to be their new habit. Tom Peterson gives guidance on how to foster a love for the Mass, and how to maintain a healthy respect for this important part of our faith. He encourages you to invite others to Mass once we can go back!
  • Imagine being a Protestant pastor tossing around the idea of being Catholic! Just think about what you would tell your congregation and how they would respond…. This evangelical minister named Ken shared his similar experience. Hear that story as well as other conversion moments! What is it that brought you back to the Church? Have you helped to bring a loved one back? We ought to pray every day for each individual soul to experience the mercy of Christ. A doctor calls in to share his conversion and how he came to a greater understanding of Church teaching, which impacted how he made tough decisions in his career.