Saint John Paul the Great, Strength of Pope Saint John Paul II, The Feminist Pope, The Eucharist 5.18.20

  • Defining masculinity & femininity: Pope Saint John Paul the Great said we don’t discover ourselves in isolation, we discover ourselves in each other. What will man be for woman? What will woman be for man?
  • Pope Saint. John Paul the Great had robust youthfulness: The Church needs us to be fully alive in our mind and body. His strength of character came from a life of prayer. He lived joy through the fruit of prayer. We are called to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Pope St. John Paul II demonstrated this. “Do not hide your faith.”
  • Caller, Robin: shares her conversion after an encounter with Pope John Paul II. He pointed out that the sexual revolution had reduced “mater/mother” to “matter.” 
  • Do you take time each day to turn your thoughts to Christ? Now (in the pandemic) is the perfect time. Pope Saint John Paul II: speaking to farmers and compliments them on their ability to provide bread for humanity — Christ satisfies the deepest desire.