Seeing & Serving the Most Vulnerable Lives at Risk; Giving Dignity to the Needy, Voice to the Voiceless 5.26.20

Dallas Carter & Jason Jones: Flatten the deadly hunger curve; helping seniors during coronavirus outbreak in Hawaii, model program to feed and assist the most needy, vulnerable citizens; ‘nine missed meals away from anarchy’, countries sitting on a ‘food security time bomb’, what we can do. 

Jason Jones: How the FX documentary ‘AKA Jane Roe’ got Norma McCorvey’s story dramatically wrong; friends understood McCorvey’s mental health struggles and provided her help, abortion foes took advantage of it (and her) to advance pro-abortion messages & activism.

George Weigel: The full back story of Cardinal George Pell. Pell being scapegoated for predecessors who did nothing about abuse while being the first to do something about abuse.