Space and alternate universe

  • Hour 3 of 5-26-20
  • An exciting and historic moment for space exploration! Potentially tomorrow could be the day that SpaceX makes its launch into space, weather permitting. Elon Musk has been behind this and has been preparing for quite some time, now. Drew talks to Dr. Tom Jones about what this means for future endeavors, and Dr. Jones also reflects on his own adventures. He is asked what the scariest moment for him has been when it comes to space travel, and Dr. Tom Jones talks about how important it is to trust the people who have engineered the rocket/equipment.
  • Is there a parallel universe that we may not be aware of? Questions such as this arise because of some indications in Antarctica making it a possibility. This would be another universe where time is moving backwards! Get the expert analysis from Dr. Stephen Barr. He explains the scientific implications and also gives his opinion on alien life and whether ghosts would actually be other life beings in a different galaxy.