The First Amendment and reopening churches

  • Hour 1 of 5-15-20
  • As an American Catholic, how do you balance the decision of when to reopen churches and also keep people safe? Some citizens are fighting back against their governors, demanding that they go back to Mass now. How does this all fit in with the 1st Amendment and your rights? Some areas in the country like LA, California have only extended their stay at home order, so it could be much longer than we thought until we return to the pews. Prof Rick Garnett provides a balanced view on this difficult situation we are in right now.
  • The Novena to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots is beginning. Turn to this title of Our Blessed Mother when you find yourself in that impossible situation you can’t seem to get out of. Tom, the senior producer, shares a recent story of her daughter turning to her intercession and getting a miracle at her workplace. You can start the Novena with your family and access here!
  • Carson Kissell has a rare skin condition where his skin surface is very sensitive and prone to pain. He has carried his cross well and stayed close to Our Lord. He has even started praying the Chaplet live online! Hundreds join him every day to pray along through Facebook Live. Carson is joined by his dad, Dave Kissell, and they share their ways of using technology to glorify God.