The Inner Life May 15th – Keeping Gods Commandments

Keeping God’s Commandments. What are the commandments of God that we are supposed to keep? If we are flawed humans, how can we be expected to keep Gods commandments all the time? Father Jeremy Ploof joins Chuck Neff to discuss this coming Sunday’s Gospel and keeping the Lords commandments.


Caller Story – He finds it hard to speak to others, but trusts in the Holy Spirit to be able to say the right thing.

Caller Story – He finds the Holy Spirit in adoration helping him to stay focused in prayer.

Caller Story – Shares how she trusted in the Holy Spirit when she gave her finances over to God.

Caller Story – Shares how trusting in the Holy Spirit has helped her with the passing of her husband.

Caller Story – Shares how another parishioner allowed her to see the Holy Spirit working in her life.